flowerPut a little paradise in your event!

             From business meeting to family gatherings, Hula Hands experience staff can plan 
         the perfect dining event. Every affair is overseen by a knowledgeable group sales
           manager who can work with you seamlessly plan your evening. Hula Hands offers
  menus tailored to your needs ranging from cocktails to an authentic dinner. 
    Our private expertise and amazing resources will ensure a flawless experience.

Hula Hands Menu

Some of our delicious dishes 

Here we have Musubi with a side of Kimchi and Shayu Poke.


shred beef

Kalua Pig Sandwich served with fries or one scoop of macaroni salad.



Wonton Mein Noodle soup served with your choice of Chicken Beef or Pork.


spam egg

Here is one of our Mo Manini Plates Spam,Eggs and Rice.









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